Our Partners

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done’. Nelson Mandela
The work of Bridge cannot be done alone. We rely on specialist, external organizations and businesses to help us achieve our goal and in many cases, far exceed it. If you have an idea for a programme and wish to work in collaboration with Bridge please get in touch.

Rothar is a social enterprise bicycle recycling company that has two shops in Dublin. They have won awards for successfully combining a social mission with a successful business model. Rothar provide expert tutors, knowledge and equipment for our bicycle mechanic training programme.


Dublin Ink

Dublin Ink is a leading tattoo studio in Dublin City and facilitates our clients through supporting low cost tattoo removal.

National College of Art & Design (NCAD)

Being based in the heart of the Liberties, it made sense for us to link in with NCAD as it too is based in the Liberties. Our clients collaborate with NCAD to complete community projects. Our clients, design and create art for public spaces including a horse sculpture for Bridgefoot Street Park and stage design for Tedxfullbright Dublin Talks

Third Space

Third Space is a social business venture to open and run eating and meeting places in the areas ofDublin that lack community hubs. Third Space facilitates our clients through providing them a space to host their Café Charity Events. This allows our clients gain experience and confidence in making and serving food, customer service and operating a barista machine while raising money for local charities.

The Way Ahead Training Centre

The Way Ahead Training Service Ltd was founded in 2006 and provides Training and Education to Government and Private Centres throughout Ireland. The Company is an approved Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) Centre, which is a specialist awarding organisation in the UK. VTCT offers vocational and technical qualifications in a wide range of service sectors, with more than 1,200 approved centres throughout the UK and Ireland. All qualifications are aligned to the National Framework. The Way Ahead Training provides

VTCT qualifications in:

The Way Ahead Training provides VTCT qualifications in: Barista, Food Safety, Barbering, Hair & Beauty, Assessor Training, Internal Verifier Training, Teacher Training Certificates & Diplomas, Nail Technology, Gel & Acyrlic Application & Start Your Own Business.

Tutors for training in:

Maths, English, Career Preparation, Personal Care & Presentation, Personal & INTERPERSONAL Skills, Fitness, Biology, Food & Nutrition, Computers, Art & EMERGENETICS Profiling.

The Way Ahead Training Service is dedicated to help improve:

The quality and standards in Education throughout the country,by providing a reliable and trusted service that meets the needs of its partners. Please visit our website for more information.